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Kim Loy, Vice President of Marketing, Vanderbilt Industries & Schneider Electric

Doug Ringer brings abundant knowledge and experience to his projects. Doug’s fact-based approach helped senior leaders identify critical performance gaps from both the customer's and the organization’s points of view. He also helped drive alignment across the organization around an executable action plan that addressed the noted gaps.


Doug provided sound guidance, valuable leadership, and insights for strategic business reviews, and has been a sounding board when the team was on a roll. His guidance helped shape a clear vision for our future and put us on the path to achieving those goals. I would definitely recommend her for future engagements.


James Comer, Project Manager (ret.), Hewlett-Packard & Schneider Electric 

Doug brings a valuable perspective and fresh ideas to the team. He is extremely passionate about the ongoing and future success of Pelco, and the product lines that he manages, and isn’t shy about advocating for what he perceives to be “the right thing to do” even when a little contentious or against the historical company norms. He has been able to manage that “healthy tension” adeptly and patiently, and often with positive results. He collaborates well and sees the value that comes from the improved alignment when business groups communicate well and often. Having observed gaps (between Sales and Product Management, for example), he has been active in building relationships and alliances that I know will provide broad value to the company as we launch new products into his product lines.


Doug is a “big vision” thinker, but also easily able to delve in and articulate his needs and opinions on the smallest detail of a product design. He’s extremely engaged in the project team, collaborative in making decisions and tradeoffs as needed, and is reliable in his delivering to his action items, which are always thorough and well-considered. 


Paul Beiser, Director of Engineering (ret.), Hewlett-Packard & Schneider Electric

Doug has written an excellent guide on methods, tools, and insights on helping anyone in the product development process, especially product managers, to achieve success.  He covers the gamut from understanding customer needs through products launches, all of which are critical for a product to succeed. He lays it all out in an easy to understand way, and his advice is very useful and practical.  Product managers can easily use the information at any time during product creation.


Doug has done a fantastic job making this a very easy-to-access book as various needs arise. Doug is a high energy, driven successful product manager, it’s great to see him put his knowledge and experience together like this so we all can benefit. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Doug, and I have seen him effectively use many techniques as we have worked together.


Antonio Muchaxo, Managing Director, Bithium

Doug is practical, methodical, forward-thinking and great to work with. His great attitude and strategic vision make the difference.


Kevin Walker, COO, Conflict Kinetics 

Doug did an excellent job of managing the NPI projects. He always made sure the project stayed on task, on schedule, and on budget. He has the right mix of engineering and business acumen to see the big picture and address any challenges. Doug is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend to anyone.


Tom Wilke and Neil Cannon, Business and Technology Consultants

After our first meeting with Doug Ringer Consulting, we knew we had met a valuable contact. Doug Ringer Consulting provided us with new ideas and contacts that helped crystallize our plans for moving forward with our business. We are confident that Doug Ringer Consulting will be a trusted partner in the future, and that others will benefit from Doug Ringer Consulting’s experience and insight.


Ephrem Clarke, Vice President of Procurement, Honeywell International

Doug Ringer is one of the good guys. I worked with Doug on a number of projects which were a pleasure to participate in. Doug has respect for both detail and timescales. During my time working with Doug, he introduced a number of significant new successful product lines and managed the complexity with ease. I, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending Doug.


Shawne Ungs, Account Supervisor, Performance Marketing Inc.

Doug was very knowledgeable about the industry he represented and how his products and company measured against the competition. As a product manager, he was able to set clear expectations for a project’s outcome and facilitate the resources to make it successful.


David D’Elia, Sales Manager, Hitachi America, Ltd.

I’ve worked with Doug for several years and have not known a more professional and competent individual. His work ethic exemplary, talent immense. I would recommend Doug to any Fortune 500 company who’s looking for the best.


Kevin P. Cronin, Regional Manager, ADP

Doug is a master of common sense, and has many skill sets that are yet to shine! Works well with others and always gives 110%. Doug looks at any business as if it was his own. I whole heartily recommend Doug for any career that requires high attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Without a doubt, Doug is a dying breed among the business world these days!

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