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30 Days for $30

If after the 30-minute Strategy Call you think we are a good match, you can "test drive" me for 30 days for $30. In this program, you will get an experience similar to my Advisory Expertise On-Call program. 

Sometimes, business owners and executives just need a different perspective or an external opinion on an important issue. It could be anything from an agenda item at the next leadership meeting, to the suitability of an acquisition target. Whatever it is, you need help quickly from an objective source that you can trust. My Advisory Services give you anytime access to my expertise in return for a fixed monthly fee, whether you call twice a month or twice a day.


Typical issues that I help address are: 


  • Increase revenue and profitability by identifying and exploiting opportunities quickly.

  • How can I free up more time to spend with my family?

  • How can I get more commitment from my employees?

  • Boost performance and productivity.

  • Create new revenue streams from products, services, and new markets.

  • Why have our sales suddenly dropped?

  • Why have customer complaints suddenly increased?

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