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Expert business growth services for mid-market companies


Doug Ringer is passionate about helping owners and leaders of small- and mid-market companies improve their business operations, increase the growth of their business, and build wealth. His results-oriented business growth services are tailored to specific business, operational issues, and financial needs.


Companies who need business growth services, have often built their businesses from a start-up, scaled-it — and despite their best efforts, reach a point where growth slows and levels out. In fact, they may find themselves working harder and longer to achieve results no better than they did yesterday.


Charting a course to greater profits and growth


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with working hard — but as any ship’s captain knows, you can’t lead from the engine room.


Instead, Doug helps you create a new course, by taking a fresh look at your business strategy, management team and resources. His focus is on providing creative, action-based recommendations to quickly generate the results that matter most to you. Doug’s areas of expertise include productivity management and product development improvement to marketing and supply chain enhancement — in short, all the business growth services you need to accelerate profitable growth.

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