Dramatically Improving Performance & Profitability


Companies work with me to exploit growth opportunities and stanch any bleeding in their small and mid-sized firms. Dramatically growing their business, increasing profitability, and improving productivity, so they can compete more successfully today and tomorrow.

Discover how Doug's helped:


  • Increase sales more than 20%

  • Improve margins by more than 5%

  • Decrease development cost & time by more than 400%

  • Create strategies generating new revenue streams

  • Improve market share and reputation

  • Reduce risk


Case Studies

For more than 30 years Doug Ringer has helped small- and mid-sized companies and Fortune & Global 500 corporations radically improve profitable growth.



Call him at 502.509.9746 to experience the dramatic growth and improvement our other clients have enjoyed. Or click here to contact him online.


T: 502-509-9746

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